I am a student writing a paper for my illustration class and they said to contact your favorite artists. Can you answer an interview for me?

While I appreciate so much to be considered someone's favorite artist, I dont have the time to reply to everyone like I wish I could. That is why with this new site we have made a press section, so chock full of information it will be coming out your ears! I hope you find everything you are looking for there... and more!

Can I get one of your drawings or paintings as a tattoo?

Hells yeah! Please email a photo of it when its finished... I would love to see it!

How did you get started doing art?

In this new and fancy website we have a beautifully comprehensive press section. Full of lots of interviews and links, you'll find all of your answers there!

Do you do commissioned paintings?

I sorry but I am not accepting any painting commissions at this time. Please contact the galleries in my events section to check on any available paintings.

Are you accepting any interns?

Thanks for asking! Please email a resume and 5 images of your artwork for consideration. If we are interested we will send a reply for more information.

What galleries are you currently showing at or have you shown at in the past? 

There is a huge list of every show I have ever done in the events section just to the left of this list.

What paintings do you have for sale?

Any painting that doesn't say 'Collection of...' or 'Private Collection' is still available. Private Collection just means I don't know the persons name who bought it from the gallery. If you do see one that you think is available, please contact the gallery that it was shown at, or email the studio.

Will you make a poster for my band?

I am focusing more on my paintings right now, so I'm not making that many posters at the moment. If I do a poster it will more likely be for a band that I personally know. 

Best of luck to you though... There are many many great poster artists on GigPosters.com, I recommend checking out the artists there and contacting them!

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